Our Services

 My name is Scott McWilliams, and I am the owner of Hearing  Solutions which is family-owned and operated. My practice was  established in 1999.  I have been a Board Certified Hearing Specialist  for over 15 years, where I have remained in good standing with the  Better Business Bureau. My devotion to making sure my patients are  completely satisfied with the entire process of seeking treatment for  their hearing loss is what sets me apart from others.  I will be the one  who tests your hearing, consults with you about any hearing loss that  you may or may not have.  I will spend as much time as you  need listening to your concerns or questions.  If a loss is apparent, I  will discuss with you the many options that will assist your hearing  loss. Our office is a NO pressure sale.  As always, I advise my patients  to "think things over," and to research all of our products.  I just  want you to be happy with your experience with us. 


Ringing in the ears? You may have Tinnitus.

 After  exposure to excessive but everyday noises over a person's life, they may  develop tinnitus.  This is that humming, chirping, or whistling sound  that is constantly in your hearing.  It can become so annoying that it  can start to affect your everyday life.  There are hearing instruments  now that can help in reducing the effects of tinnitus.   


Hearing Instruments have changed so much in the last 20 years!

 Hearing Instruments have changed so much in the last 20 years.  The  technology, just like cell phones and computers, advances every year and  can do so much more than they used to do. From connecting to blue  tooth, to being able to connect to your cell phone.  The quality of  sound has enhanced dramatically.